CBD Windows and Doors has a complete range of aluminium windows, ranging from contemporary modern designs to traditional aspects that will help you create your own style and enhance your home. First windows are strong and generously sized to ensure function and style in a wide range of homes and situations. Available with ThermalHeart technology in the Residential and Metro series for maximum thermal efficiency. There are upgrade ranges to meet the need for large ‘architectural’ sizes.

Awning windows can be used in most positions and are ideal for New Zealand’s changeable weather – they provide excellent ventilation.

  • In-built strength, don’t twist or flex when opened.
  • Fanlights to provide ventilation and security

First Awning windows are New Zealand’s most versatile and popular format. They push out from the bottom, providing some rain protection when open. They can be used in most situations but are not recommended when windows open on to a deck or walkway.

W awning


A traditional and time proven window format, First casement or side-opening windows catch the breeze and direct air inwards. In exposed positions they may need to be secured with a restrictor. Shelter from above with projecting eaves or soffits will also provide further weather cover. First casements can be opened to 90 degrees with special window stays.

Because of their traditional look casement windows are especially popular with renovators. Casement windows are side opening and can catch the breeze and direct it inwards. In exposed positions casement windows may be forced wide open in strong wind gusts. This can be prevented with the use of restrictor stays which can limit the opening in these situations.

  • In-built strength
  • French casements are an option with no centre post
  • Friction stays available to provide 90° opening to allow easy cleaning of the outside

W casement

There is a wide range of appealing options with the First sliding window range. Standard choices include windows with a single sliding panel or two panels meeting in the middle. Corner sliders without corner posts are possible. And the double slider option is a format where two panels slide past each other, allowing the choice of which to open. Security screens or fly screens can be fitted.

Horizontal sliding windows are ideal when you need a window that doesn’t project onto walkways or patios. Single or double sliding panels meeting in the middle are available, as well as a double slider window where two panels on parallel tracks stack behind each other.

  • Strong panels for strength and durability
  • Heavy duty Slidemaster version for demanding environments and very high wind zones
  • Insect screens work well in conjunction with sliding windows making them ideal in cases where insects are a problem and exterior mesh screens are required.

W Horiz

First bi-folds are a popular choice when designers or home-owners want to combine wide opening to expansive views with maximum airflow. First bi-folds run on an easy-glide track system. Because bi-folds project outwards, carefully consider their use beside decks or walkways. First Bi-folds are normally made in multiples of even numbers, such as two, four or six panels.

If you want to make the most of your dramatic views or enhance your “indoor/outdoor flow” bi-fold windows are the answer. Bi-fold windows run on an easy-slide track system which allows for wide openings onto decks or patios.

  • Range from 2 to 6 panels wide, giving up to 4m of unobstructed view.
  • Carry the weight on the bottom roller thus preventing panels from jamming.
  • Maximum panel weight of 40kg applies.  W Bifold