Commercial Magnum Commercial Auto Doors

Commercial 80mm & 100mm Shopfront

Magnum commercial doors are versatile and robust and are suitable for commercial, institutional and some specialised residential settings. They can be mounted in a range of styles — hinged, on floor springs or transom closers, or constructed as sliders, bottom rolling, top hung and with electronic control. Bi-folds are also available.

Magnum doors are compatible with most of the commercial window systems offered.

These window systems are designed for shopfront locations, generally at ground level and in protected situations.

The glazing pocket lies in a central position in the frame and mullion in the 100mm suite and in an offset position in the 80mm suite, giving the windows an appearance of solidity in a setting of robust aluminium profiles.

Commercial 40mm Window Series

Commercial 100mm, 125mm & 150mm Flushglaze System

The 40mm series is a diverse range of window products designed for versatility — as strip windows, hopper and pivoting windows, seismically framed windows and curtain wall applications.

There are numerous sash and fixed light options for different site exposures, glass thickness and aesthetic requirements.

This system is suitable for medium rise and shopfront use. Glazing is nearly flush with the outside face reducing the visual effect of aluminium profiles as viewed from the outside.

Two sash options can be incorporated. The flushglaze system can be used as a curtain wall. Provision can be made for seismic and thermal movement.

Commercial Magnum Commercial Manual Doors